Building & Landscape Services is dedicated to campus building and landscape physical asset stewardship and customer service.  Stewardship opportunities occur within the support we provide in our daily building operations, maintenance, landscape, and custodial services.


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Building Operations and Maintenance

Building mechanical, electrical and plumbing, control support, Fire & Life Safety, and more.

Custodian sweeping

Custodial Services

Space cleaning, restroom cleaning, sanitizing, and restocking, specialty cleaning, and more.

Hawkeye Grass

Landscape Services

Turf management and tree care, sidewalk and road maintenance, litter control, and more.

Fire Safety

Fire & Life Safety

Safety inspections, maintaining testing and maintenance requirements, repair support, and more.

Smart Building Technologies

UI utilizes smart building technologies through our Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) program. FDD is a software tool used to proactively discover building system problems and identify optimization opportunities before they lead to alarms, excessive waste of resources, occupant discomfort or system failure.


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Collected Across 52+ UI Smart Buildings


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Director, Custodial



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Director, Landscape Services



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Director, Building Operations and Maintenance



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Get to know Lupita Wombacher

Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Lupita Wombacher is the new custodial supervisor for the College of Public Health Building. In this role, Lupita supervises the staff who work diligently to maintain a physical environment that is clean, safe, and supports the college’s mission of learning, research, and community engagement. Thank you, Lupita, and welcome to your new role!

Twenty-three new Herky statues parade across campus

Thursday, May 2, 2024
Twenty-three new Herky statues have been placed across campus as part of the 2024 rendition of Herky on Parade. The statues were designed by artists, and each embodies a special theme. This is the third time the Herky on Parade public art project has taken place. Previously, Herky statues were installed in 2004 and 2014. There are 100 total Herky statues installed as part of the parade. FM Landscape Services coordinated with the Herky on Parade committee and installed the concrete bases for the campus statues.