What is AOS?

Asset Optimization Services is an integrated FM team focused on advancing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) practices. This integrated asset management strategy drives maintenance, reliability, and energy efficiency throughout the entire life cycle of an asset, from design to demolition. AOS manages assets from individual equipment to entire building systems across the University of Iowa campus.

AOS is a collaborative team in Facilities Management that leverages Utilities, Building Operations and Maintenance, and Design and Construction to make informed, data-based decisions on building systems and equipment.


"AOS is grounded in the principles of organizational thinking and action, incorporating Processes, People, Systems, and a culture that centers around our FM core value of Stewardship."

- Andy Van Etten, Associate Director, Asset Optimization Services 

AOS Main Services

Total Cost of Ownership Resource

AOS strives to be a resource in identifying and providing data to assist in making data-based decisions.

UI Design Standards & Procedures Support

AOS ensures that UI design standards and procedures are consistently updated and organizationally followed. 

Energy Fund Prioritization & Support

AOS strives to create an objective data-based prioritization system that utilizes energy fund resources to fund projects.

Building Performance Optimization

AOS strives to make our building systems run efficiently as possible by leveraging real-time data.

Contact Us

Andy Van Etten

Associate Director, Asset Optimization Services


(319) 467-1920


Tom Moore

Systems Reliability and Energy Manager


(319) 631-8889

Brad Dameron

Building Analytic Response Specialist


(319) 467-1733

Brian Dameron

Building Analytic Response Specialist


(319) 467-4102

Daniel Rodriguez

Electrical Engineer, Design and Construction



Scott Sellner

Controls Analytic Specialist


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Nicole Underwood

Mechanical Engineer, Design and Construction