River of Life

Cut Glass Mosaic
48" x 12'

Gary Drostle's River of Life, a horizontal mosaic set in the floor, depicts a river connecting our most ancient cultures symbolizing a path of life. The mouth of the river represents a gateway and the winding curves of the river symbolize the path to enlightenment. The river is both the bringer of life and the purification of health. The patterns along the river's edge reference both Native American art and American quilts. This river represents the meandering pattern of both the Iowa River and an individual's journey through life.

Each mosaic tile forming this piece was hand cut and assembled by the artist and his mosaic-schooled assistants in London then shipped to the United States in sections for installation.

Gary Drostle is an award winning mosaic artist who is based in London. Using both ancient and modern techniques, his mosaics focus on how the bigger issues of life can be reflected in the ordinary and every day. Elected President of the British Association of Modern Mosaics, Drostle's teaching instruction and mosaic creation has spanned England and the United States.