Joe O'Connell


O'Connell's work is rooted in science, perception and history. The artist states: "My goal is to create art that enriches everyday life, deepens human experience and creates an atmosphere of participation, curiosity, and connection to community...I offer room for people to bring their own meaning to each art piece in significant ways."

O'Connell attended Rutgers University, the University of Chicago, Princeton and the University of California where he studied physics, philosophy, and the social history of science and medicine receiving numerous awards and fellowships. He began working for science museums where he designed and built exhibits around the world. In 1995, he founded Creative Machines and considers its employees to be his artistic collaborators. In 2004, O'Connell and his company began creating public art and their works are in public art collections throughout the United States including Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas and Washington, DC. They also have sculptures in Canada,Japan, Abu Dhabi and Norway.



Joe O'Connell, 2017