Steel Ribbons

Convergence is a three-dimensional array of engineering equations cut out of steel ribbons. The artist states that the goal for the sculpture is to create a monument to engineering that concertizes the abstract process of thinking. Each ribbon depicts a series of equations moving through space akin to a student working through these ideas in their mind. From a distance, the sculpture appears to be a series of bands, but as students look closer they will discover a litany of different symbols, letters and equations. The sculpture uses perforation and projection to transform the surrounding space into an illuminated landscape, drawing upon light's emotive power and its ability to enliven a space.

The sculpture includes equations that are both significant to specific areas of engineering and are used across most engineering fields ranging from basic concepts to complex ones, allowing students to discover and understand new details in the artwork as they progress through their engineering education. Taken as a whole, the ribbons embody a sense of trajectory and movement as they flow upward and out. The ribbons are individual elements, but they come together to achieve the same visual movement contributing to the idea that disparate fields of engineering or students come together within the school for the same goals.