A Campus-Wide Arboretum

The campus grounds of the University of Iowa are an accredited arboretum, showcasing an exceptional variety of trees and woody plant species including over 8,000 trees of over 300 total species, historic and rare trees, and several state champion trees including the State Champion American Elm, Dawn Redwood, and Scarlet Oak. While its primary function is to support the educational mission of the University of Iowa, the Arboretum is also open for the public to enjoy. The trees and shrubs in the collection are chosen following the guidelines of our tree collection policy.

8,000+ trees

Comprised of 330+ species

Plantings of interest include:

Seven current or former State Champion trees

A Literary Grove featuring trees with connections to famous authors at the world-famous International Writers' Workshop

A Ginkgo collection with over 75 cultivars located on the southeast side of Hancher Auditorium

An orchard featuring rare and historic fruit trees located near the Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Complex along Hawkeye Park Road

Two American Conifer Society Reference Gardens located outside Halsey Hall and the Eckstein Medical Research Building

A quercetum with 60+ species of Oaks located on the UI Research Campus off of Oakdale Boulevard

A rare, Anne Frank Horse Chestnut sapling, which the UI will welcome officially in April of 2022.  There are currently thirteen sites across the U.S. that are home to saplings from the original chestnut tree, with the Iowa City sapling as the most recent planting.

Featured Tree Planting Locations

The Tree Inventory App is an effective tool for exploring trees on the UI campus. The following map images from the Tree Inventory App show the locations of featured plantings in the campus arboretum. Use the Tree Inventory App to explore these and other tree locations on the UI Campus!

Hancher Auditorium Tree Map

Hancher Auditorium

The Ginkgo collection on the southeast side of Hancher includes over 75 cultivars of different Ginkgo varieties. The trees were donated from a larger Ginkgo collection given to the UI by Charley and Cheryl Hunter.

The Writers' Workshop Literary Grove Map

The Writers' Workshop Literary Grove

The Writers' Workshop Literary Grove includes eight plantings with connections to famous authors and poets. Among the plantings include a Red Maple sapling from Henry David Thoreau's beloved Walden pond, a Birch tree from Robert Frost's home in Franconia, New Hampshire and more.

Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Complex Map

Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Complex

An orchard of rare and historic fruit trees is located near the Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Complex. It features apple trees connected to Sir Isaac Newton and Johnny Appleseed and more!

Dancer's Garden, Halsey Hall

Halsey Hall

One of two American Conifer Society recognized Reference Gardens is Dancer's Garden, located on the east side of Halsey Hall

Eckstein Medical Research Building Garden

Eckstein Medical Research Building

On the southeast side of the Eckstein Medical Research building is the second American Conifer Society Reference Garden.

Oakdale Boulevard

Oakdale Boulevard

A quercetum of 60+ Oak species along Oakdale Boulevard on the UI Research Park campus.

Explore the UI Campus Arboretum

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