Eikamp Arts


Iowa artists Adam and Dawn Eikamp formed Eikamp Arts in 2006, a collaborative partnership specializing in large public projects. The firm combines Adam’s background in fine art painting and mural-work with Dawn’s expertise in interior design. Their experiences include many residential, commercial and historic commissions.

The design for Scholastic Truth was inspired by a quotation from Martin Luther King, Jr. "Intelligence plus character -- that is the goal of true education." The sculpture is an abstract form exhibiting a contemplative color palette that represents all diverse influences in college life. The dynamic lighting represents the students' ever-changing internal acknowledgment of these influences. The sculpture presides above and around the passersby as it rises and falls appropriately showing the flow of the educational process.

Commenting on the meaning of their work, the Eikamps state: "The artwork, Scholastic Truth, is meant to encourage dialog and provide an opportunity for them to reflect as they transition from student to adulthood. Through this dialog, even occurring just in passing, the intellect is sparked and the foundation for good character and open-mindedness is laid. Growth, change, and perspective are recognized ...both from an intellectual standpoint and in character development."


Scholastic Truth

Eikamp Arts, 2015