Anita Jung

Birth Year

Hancher Auditorium is committed to providing meaningful experiences for audiences throughout Iowa. In this work, We All Perform, Jung collaborated with Chuck Swanson, Director of Hancher, and youth from across Iowa to create a work of art speaking specifically to Hancher's mission of presenting world-renowned performances. To convey concepts of inclusivity maps of the cities visited and the architectural drawings of Hancher Auditorium were used as a ground for individual drawings by Iowa youth.

Seventh grade children were invited to brainstorm about what the word "performance" meant to them. Through discussions and constellation maps the words and thoughts they used were then transformed to create a micrographic self-portrait, selfies comprised of their words. Hundreds of children participated in this project, all of them made wonderful drawings.

Anita Jung's works of art are semi-autobiographical deriving their narratives from the everyday. She is particularly interested in materials that transform the mundane into something special that produces a feeling of the familiar but becomes disorienting, a displacement of mind/body and time.


We All Perform

Anita Jung, 2016