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Project name description
Dental Science Building - Replace Air Handling Units 1B and 2B This project will replace AHUs 1B and 2B. These units serve clinical areas and serve pneumatic VAVs. These are original to facility meaning approximately 40 years old so past useful life.
Medical Labs - BSL III Fan Retro Fits for Air Handling Units 1 and 2 This project will include the replacement of exhaust fan motors to direct drive from belt driven motors. Belt driven fans which slip and cause dust plugging sensors fouling systems. This would change to a direct drive system.
Spence Labs - Elevator Modernization  This project is for professional architectural and engineering services for the decommissioning, demolition, and replacement of existing elevator serving animal care spaces in the Spence Labs Building.
Bowen Science Building - Apply Roof Coating System The project will repair the roof of Bowen Science Building. A spray-on, cold-applied, liquid, rubber coating will be installed over approximately 82,350 square feet of existing roofing. Opportunity to try a new roofing system for potential cost savings measures for other facilities and will be used over newly remodeled space.
Biology Building - Replace Air Compressors This project will replace air compressors in the Biology Building. This is a medical grade an air system. This system serves lab air for the facility. 
English-Philosophy Building - Install Chilled Water Pumps Currently this system has one pump serves and this project allows redundancy by adding a second pump for the system. 
Van Allen Hall - Replace Switch Gear Replacement of original existing electrical switch gear which has had multiple failures. This replacement will be done in tandem with work being done by Engie to upgrade facility electric service. 
Iowa Advanced Technologies Laboratory - Remedy Metal Envelope Issues Repairs to remaining stainless steel sheet metal façade sections not addressed under the flood recovery project. This work includes demolition of the existing metal panels, removal of felt paper, replacement of water damaged sheathing, removal and reinstallation of existing curtain wall, installation of a membrane weather barrier, installation of metal panels, replacement of skylights, and envelope commissioning.
Campus - Building Automation System Reliability/Compliance This project will update building automation system (BAS) controllers that regulate heating and cooling in buildings throughout campus to improve reliability and ensure compliance with IT standards.
Seamans Center - Air Handling Unit-10 Replacement This project replaces AHU 10 for the Seamans Center; the new unit shall utilize a steam coil for heating and chilled water coil for cooling.
Main Library - Remedy Loading Dock Water Drainage Issues This project will correct water drainage issues at the Main Library. UI's portion of the project will redirect a pipe in the basement to discharge to a sanitary sewer in lieu of the storm sewer. Piping will be mounted to the ceiling or wall along the south wall of the basement.


Project name Description
Bowen Science Building - Modify and Upgrade Exhaust Core 1-300 This project will reconfigure the existing lab exhaust to tie it into the general building exhaust system. The scope of work includes removal of existing duct work, installation of new exhaust duct risers and associated horizontal branch ducts, controls, asbestos abatement, testing and balancing and miscellaneous work to complete the project.
Medical Laboratories - Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Retrocommissioning, Modifications, and Upgrades The project consists of HVAC control upgrades throughout Medical Laboratories. Work includes the replacement of approximately 500 VAV controllers throughout the building along with several HVAC upgrades including adding branch dampers for better air control, right sizing air change rates in lab areas, improving HVAC courtyard control, and revising fume hoods from CV to VAV.
English-Philosophy Building - Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Upgrades and Development of a Comprehensive HVAC Plan for Future Execution This project will establish priority/phasing to upgrade the building's HVAC system by study, followed by design through construction to upgrade select existing HVAC systems within the funding available. Study determined that the fan coil units on ground, first and second floors will be replaced with 4 pipe units and the addition of powered exhaust fans.
Gilmore Hall - Structural and Building Envelope Repairs Address structural concerns in Gilmore Hall basement. Concrete has spalled off the structural concrete beams, exposing structural steel to atmosphere.
Dental Science Building - Replace Emergency Generator Replace 1970 generator that is no longer serviceable as parts are no longer available. This generator provides service to fire/life safety as well as critical clinic areas. 
Trowbridge Hall - Replace Northeast Retaining Wall Replace the failing retaining wall on the north side of Trowbridge Hall. Work will include wall replacement, sidewalk replacement, and site restoration. The work will require a one-lane closure of Market Street.
North Hall - Remedy Below Grade Water Infiltration Project will address water infiltration issues at North Hall and repair of a damaged concrete column. Work includes selective removal of landings on exterior stairs south of building, providing compacted infill beneath existing stairs, installation of injectable bentonite waterproofing on below grade wall surfaces of the southern portion of the building, reinstallation of concrete stair landings and metal handrails, and repair of an existing concrete column. 
Lindquist Center - Replace Windows This project will replace existing windows on Lindquist Center North on the north, east and west faces with a curtain wall assembly. This scope of work also includes select demolition, masonry repointing, drywall, windowsill replacements and painting.
Bowen Science Building - Replace Basement Generator Replace 1970s generator that is no longer serviceable as parts are no longer available. This generator provides service to fire/life safety as well as critical clinic areas.
Chemistry Building - Air Compressor Replacement This project will replace the current air compressors that support building central systems and lab air. Project will replace the existing building air compressors, air dryer and receiving tank with a new air compressor packed skid unit. Project includes all related electrical and controls to support the new air compressor packaged skid. 
English-Philosophy Building - Replace East Roof Sections Project will replace roof on eastern portion of English Philosophy Building. Project will remove existing roof membrane and substrate down to deck and replace with new on eastern portion of English Philosophy Building and replacement of roof drains and horizontal leaders.
Chemistry Building - Repair Air Handling Unit 5 Exhaust The project will replace the fan shaft bearings and motor bearings for the south exhaust fan of the AHU-5 exhaust fan system. This project repairs the exhaust system for the teaching labs and provides redundancy.

Project name description
Carver Biomedical Research Building - Replace Lab Exhaust System This project will replace the eight existing exhaust fans/stacks serving the labs in CBRB and establish new, dedicated exhaust fans for the BSL3 lab. The new fans would be selected to include additional airflow to allow full redundancy and proper dispersion with the possibility of utilizing both bleed-in dampers for constant discharge velocity and induction nozzles. The fans will also be sized to accommodate the existing building's supply fans capacity.  
Lindquist Center - Replace Windows Sections This project consists of replacement of existing windows on Lindquist Center North on the north, east and west faces with a curtain wall assembly. This scope of work also includes select demolition, masonry repointing, drywall, window sill replacements and painting. 
Eckstein Medical Research Building - Air Handling Unit Chilled Water Coil and Pump Replacement This project will replace the chilled water (CW) coils in AHU #1 & #2 as well as their supporting CW pumps. Replacement is needed to ensure air quality and building comfort.
Chemistry Building - Air Handling Unit Steam Coil Replacement Replace coils in all AHUs on the 5th floor. Multiple banks of steam coils serve each of the AHUs and all will be replaced. Associated construction scope will also include replacement of AHU 1-3 casing panels, flex conductors, steam traps and assemblies and vacuum breakers. 
Pappajohn Business Building - Upgrade Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning controls This project will upgrade the controller portions of the existing HVAC devices throughout the building, leaving the existing mechanical actuators in service.
Iowa Memorial Union - Replace Steam Condensate Lines Redesign the condensate drain piping for the air handling units (AHU) in the Iowa Memorial Union basement (IMU) to get proper condensate drainage from the AHU's steam coils. This project will address safety concerns with the steam condensate lines causing facility related damage.
Theatre Building - Replace Roof Sections This project will include repairs and/or replacement of select roof areas and repairs to the existing atrium curtain wall system. This project will implement focused repair work to address known water infiltration locations.

project name description
Pappajohn Business Building - Building Envelope Repairs Building has high student impact and high program value. This project will implement long-term maintenance work to the exterior envelope of the building. The work will include replacement of all low-slope membrane roofing, replacement of all exterior wall sealant joints, and cleaning and installing water-repellant on all precast concrete exterior wall panels
English-Philosophy Building - Window Replacement and Exterior Repairs Building has high student impact. This project will replace all exterior windows and sealants. Exterior walls of offices will receive additional insulation and new drywall. Existing window blinds will be replaced with new roller shades. New acoustic ceilings and lighting will be installed in offices that were not previously updated. 
Van Allen Hall - Electrical Switchgear Replacement This project replaces the Van Allen Hall’s main electrical distribution panel, original west to building construction in 1964. The existing main distribution panel will be converted into a termination cabinet to reuse the existing building cabling.
College of Nursing Building - Roof Replacement This project will replace the Nursing Building roof and skylight. Work will include a full tear-off and replacement of all roofing and roof insulation. The new installation will meet energy efficiency requirements with additional insulation. The building has significant capital investment; repairs will protect institutional investment.
English-Philosophy Building - Reconstruct North Walkway Building has high student impact and reconstruction of north walkway will improve pedestrian travel to building. This project includes the replacement of the north walkway with a more universally accessible entrance; including new site walls, ramp and railings, sidewalk, improved site drainage and site lighting.
Information Technology Facility - Controls Upgrade Upgrade Information Technology Facility's controls system to increase reliability and redundancy. The replacement to the IP platform will conform to standards used University wide and enable programming and maintenance support from a wider base of University staff, increasing reliability and mitigating risk.
Field House - Backflow Prevention Installation of two new backflow preventer stations, booster pumps and expansion tanks to the domestic water line that serves the Field House. Needed to ensure the continued delivery of safe water to Field House.
Lindquist Center - Air Handling Unit Replacement Unit is original to the facility and feeds the north side of the building which is under renovation and needs renewal. AHU replacement is a deferred maintenance need to be completed. This has resulted in long-term comfort and on-going maintenance issues. 
Lindquist Center - Roof Coatings New roof coating will be used over the newly remodeled area. A spray-on, cold-applied, liquid, rubber, coating will be installed over approximately 28,000 square feet of existing modified bitumen roofing. Provides the opportunity to try a new roofing system for potential cost savings.
English-Philosophy Building - Chilled Water Pump Replacement English-Philosophy Building has high student impact. This project replaces the existing chilled water pump to serve cooling needs for the English-Philosophy Building. 
College of Public Health Building - Replace Atrium Glass Atrium glass is causing a significant safety concern and needs to be replaced. Install a vinyl adhesive film to the atrium side of the windows to prevent falling glass in the event of a break.
Phillips Hall - Replace Stairs Replace high-traffic stairs causing safety concerns at Phillips Hall. Replace all north entry stairs, floor, and landings from basement to first floor. Both the floor structure and the finishes will be replaced.