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Facilities Management Accounting is responsible for daily operational accounting functions, financial reporting, monthly accounting entries, operational labor rate development, utility rate development and billings, budget development and forecasting, purchasing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, travel, procurement cards, uniform purchases and general oversight of accounting policies and procedures.

There are two accounting arms within FM. The second is Facilities Management Capital Accounting, responsible for projects with budgets over $100,000 and managed within the BuildUI system.


FM Accounting can be found at the campus address 220 University Services Building.

Accounting Staff


(319) 335-5082

  • Provides oversight for all general and operational accounting functions
  • Managerial and financial oversight of the Maintenance Stores operation
  • Supervise and coordinate annual operating budgets and funding
  • Coordinate special projects and review budget/funding issues
  • Monitor operating budgets and forecast multi-year projections
  • Develop business plans for departmental strategic initiatives
  • Define key metrics, analyzes key performance indicators
  • Policy and procedure support for FM, establish business protocols


(319) 335-5082

  • Analyze accounting and budget reports
  • Prepare FM shop and overhead budgets
  • Annual labor rate development
  • Oversee service shops accounting (00201-00360)
  • Equipment rental reporting
  • Administer AiM adjustments and corrections
  • Equipment reserve oversight


(319) 384-0512

  • Voucher processing
  • Purchase receiving
  • Uniform ordering and distribution
  • Equipment rental entries
  • AiM external charge processing
  • FM online promotional store oversight


(319) 335-5127

  • Voucher processing
  • Purchase receiving
  • Blanket order oversight
  • Utility billings and payments
  • Outside billings
  • MAUI billings

Customer Reports

The following reports require a HawkID to access:

AiM Work Request Details Summary
AiM Work Request Details with Phases