The Beautiful Mind Series: Imaginative, Inspired, Focused, Disciplined, Collaborative, Accomplished, Triumphant, Mentored, Influential

Foil on Paper

Kimberlee Rocca is a major contributor to the development of a newly discovered art technique, Foil Imaging. In this printmaking process, artists manipulate commercial roll leaf foil products. Unlike other mediums, such as painting, the color palette remains limited with Foil Imaging. Rocca’s bold color selections show her ability to create new colors with innovative techniques of layering and removing the foil. Rocca combines reflective surfaces unique to Foil Imaging with strong images and seductive shapes. Her abstract works comment on a range of topics from communication and power, to God and success.

The Beautiful Mind series is a nine-piece set created specifically for the Gerdin Athletic Learning Center, a building which houses study rooms, and academic resources for athletes. The titles of the individual works evoke the various aspects of life for a student athlete, integrating both sports and academics. The abstract images express various ideas in basic forms. Her underlying themes become clear when comparing the images Disciplined and Imaginative. In the work Disciplined, three squares are held tightly in line, breaking the picture plane into two distinct sections. This is in contrast to Imaginative, in which lines squiggle across a wild background of metallic pinks, reds and silvers. These works show the array of ideas that can be coaxed out of abstract forms.

Watch a lecture on foil imaging by Kimberlee Rocca.