Hardin Library for Health Sciences - Institutional Roads – Construct New Road – Newton Road to Fountain Entrance

Sidewalk Closure
Dates of closure
Traffic control
Traffic control plan
Accessible route
Accessible route is shifted to the sidewalk across Newton road to the north side of road.
Alternate route
Alternate non accessible routes for pedestrian traffic are available adjacent and to the South of Hardin Library. Dashed lines on drawing indicate routes that remain open. Yellow highlight indicates sections of sidewalk closed.
Affected bus routes
Reason and details for closure

New road construction from Newton to Fountain Entrance of Hospital will start on May 17th and Continue through Late December of 2024.  Temporary re-route of Newton road will be in vicinity of current sidewalk.  Detour of sidewalk will be to north side of Newton road.  There are additional alternate routes further south of Hardin Library.

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