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2012 Winner of the APPA Effective & Innovative Practices Award
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Campus Technology magazine says the UI's Energy Control Center is one of their "favorite green practices in higher education today." Lean Green Machines.

check real-time energy consumption in your building

Energy Control Center
Building Energy Dashboards

Building Energy Dashboards provide real-time displays of energy consumption (steam, electric, chilled water) in all UI buildings connected to the campus utilities system. Track the energy consumption in your building in real-time and watch trends for the last 24 hours and the last 30 days.  Click on the button below to get started.

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Innovative technological solutions - reducing energy and costs

Energy Control Center

The Energy Control Center (ECC) houses one of the most advanced and extensive Utilities tools available in a campus environment. The ECC, located in the University Services Building, serves as a centralized location for the monitoring, analysis, and forecasting of energy supply and consumption across campus.


State-of-the-art hub

  • State-of-the-art hub simultaneously monitors energy data for the supply and demand sides of the campus utilizing over 100,000 data collection points across campus
  • Energy production and consumption are viewed as a single dynamic system through use of Utilities software
  • Software enables energy engineers to optimize the production and distribution of steam, electricity, and chilled water while reducing costs and energy use

Live displays of energy usage - building dashboards

  • Live displays of energy usage for all of the buildings connected to the campus utilities systems (steam, electric, chilled water) are monitored and evaluated by energy engineers
  • "Building dashboards" of real-time energy consumption will help building occupants track energy usage and provide immediate feedback on their energy conservation efforts

Real-time predictions of energy consumption

  • Historical data is correlated to weather data to create real-time predictions of energy consumption for every building meter on the campus utility systems 
  • Using weather forecast information, the software predicts the building-by-building campus steam, electric and chilled water loads for the campus 24 hours in-advance
  • Information can be used to decide which chillers, boilers and turbines to use in advance of their need, which, in kind, provides for better strategies in purchasing and utilizing raw energy such as coal, natural gas and electricity  
  • Software provides trending tools that combine production data and consumption data as one integrated source for easy troubleshooting and analysis

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George  Paterson
Manager, Energy Control Center
319-335 5139