Energy Control Center - Building Energy Dashboards

track real-time energy consumption for your campus building

Energy Dashboards

Now you can view energy consumption and utility costs for your campus building(s) online any time you choose. Display your online "building dashboard" in a central location to help occupants track energy usage and provide feedback on their energy conservation efforts. Make your "building dashboard" your homepage or bookmark it as one of your favorites. Information is available for all buildings connected to the campus utilities systems.

  1. Select your building from the drop-down menu below and then click on the button "View Real-Time Energy Use".
  2. To view trends for the last 24 hours or last 30 days, click on the "Meter Stats" tab .
  3. Choose results for chilled water, electricity or steam.
**The displays were built to be viewed using Internet Explorer.

(Internet Explorer browser required. Dashboards may take a moment to load.)

Click To See Real Time Energy Use

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