Carver Biomedical Research Building

Carver Biomedical Research Building

Facilities Information Services (formerly Space Management)

Facilities Information Services, in partnership with university administration and the University Space Committee, is responsible for the data stewardship of all space, infrastructure, and physical development data for the university’s 20 million gross square feet of space across 2,112 acres. In partnership with university administration and the University Space Committee it is responsible for space assignment, space planning and coordination, and recommendations regarding requests for campus space. Its services also support the campus long-range master planning needs and the annual on-going use of campus space.

Facilities Information Services helps:

  • Create and manage the ongoing university space plan
  • Create and maintain the university’s space model
  • Staff and chair the University Space Committee
  • Manage space requests and reallocation for all owned and leased space; make recommendations regarding space use to the University Space Committee
  • Ensure all space is used in an efficient manner while planning for the long-term needs of the university
  • Develop and maintain space planning guidelines
  • Assign room numbers for new or renovated space according to the university’s standards
  • Assist in room and building name assignments and changes
  • Support construction delivery
  • Provide space reports as needed including HEFMA, NFS, and the Facilities Governance Report
  • Monitor renovation projects, in conjunction with project managers, which will impact space use and/or floor plans


To request a new building or space, or the reassignment/reallocation of space, use the FM@YourService web application.

SIMS Floor Plans


Kirk Banks, Manager, Space Information

To reserve a classroom for an event, please contact Classroom Scheduling